(Yahoo!) - This week, original recipe "Voice" coaches Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green returned to the panel after a season-long hiatus. But on Tuesday, there was another familiar face on the show: E.G. "Dottie" Daily.

You may not recognize E.G. Daily's name. But if you ever entered a movie theater (or rolled up to a drive-in) in the mid-'80s, or if you've switched on basic cable in the decades since, then you definitely know this lady.

Yes, she was Dottie, the sweet bicycle-shop salesgirl with an unrequited crush on Pee Wee in "Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure."

She was also Loryn, the sexy mall-rat sidekick in "Valley Girl."

She also performed in the cult-classic high school comedies "Better Off Dead" and "Summer School."

She even starred alongside Diane Lane in the rock flicks "Streets of Fire" and "Ladies & Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains," and had a song on the "Breakfast Club" soundtrack. Basically, E.G. rocked the silver screen in the '80s. And judging from her "Voice" audition of Faith Hill's "Breathe," she still rocks, albeit now on the small screen. (Lamentably, E.G. didn't sing the "Pee Wee"-popularized "Tequila" or Frank Zappa's "Valley Girl," but her audition was still, to lapse into some Valleyspeak, totally rad.)

E.G.'s voice has already helped her carve out quite a career: She is a bona fide voiceover legend, lending her distinctive rasp to "The Powerpuff Girls," "Rugrats," "Happy Feet," and dozens of other cartoons. So why didn't her singing career ever totally take off, after she released four albums (two on a major label) between 1985 and 2008? Well, as Pee Wee Herman himself might say, there are things about the music business you wouldn't understand. Things you couldn't understand. Things…you shouldn't understand.

Eventually E.G., now age 51, joined Blake Shelton's team, despite the fact that he didn't recognize her from her '80s cinema heyday. (CeeLo Green, who also spun his chair, actually dropped "Large Marge's" name in an attempt to woo her. Maybe he should have suggested they talk about her "big but" instead.) However, Adam Levine may try to steal E.G. away in the Battle Rounds, since he said her past as Dottie was "the coolest thing ever."

And if Adam does steal E.G., you can bet he'll say, "I meant to do that."