ROSEMEAD (CNS) - A digital library containing nearly 100 documents  related to the replacement steam generators at the shuttered San Onofre Nuclear  Generating Station south of San Clemente was made available online today.

The library, which includes more than 3,200 pages, can be found at Some of the documents are partially redacted,  according to Rosemead-based Southern California Edison.

``The San Onofre Digital Document Library will help the public, elected  officials and regulators better understand the history of the replacement steam  generators that led to San Onofre's closure,'' said Ron Litzinger, president of  SCE. ``It is vitally important that we all achieve a full understanding of the  facts so that future decisions by regulators and legislators are based on  transparency and the highest quality information.''

A small, non-injury leak in January 2012 resulted in the shutdown of one  of the reactors at the seaside plant. Edison, the operator and majority owner  of the facility, determined the cause to be vibrations in pressure tubes in the  steam generators, which were manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and  installed in 2010 and 2011.

The plant's other reactor was undergoing maintenance at the time.  Neither reactor was ever restarted.

A plan by Edison to put the unit that was being worked on back into  service at 70 percent power ran into regulatory problems earlier this year, and  the utility decided it would be more economical to close the reactors  permanently. The dismantling process is expected to take several decades.

According to the utility, the San Onofre Digital Document Library  contains a wide variety of documents, many made public for the first time. The  online collection supplements data that SCE had previously made publicly  available at

The redactions in some of the documents were made because Mitsubishi has  asserted that those sections contain proprietary information that cannot be  made public, according to SCE. The utility said it has asked the Japanese firm  to agree to the public release of unredacted versions of the documents.

Edison officials said they plan to add other documents to the library,  and are asking Mitsubishi to confirm that the data can be placed online without  redaction.