Lawyers representing Bryan Stow in a lawsuit against former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt have asked a judge for access to a report on the stadium’s security prepared by Major League Baseball.

Attorney Thomas Girardi told the Bill Carroll Show the report’s conclusion that there was a, “culture of apathy and indifference,” among stadium workers may help to prove management knew there wasn’t enough protection for visitors.

“The things that we want to prove in this case, is that the place was unsafe and they didn’t do anything about it,” Girardi said Friday.

He said there was already deposition testimony that alleges McCourt didn’t want to upgrade security because it cost too much money.

The MLB won’t release the report without a judge’s order.

Stow, who wore San Francisco Giants logos to the opening day game in 2011, sued to recover damages for catastrophic injuries he suffered when he was beaten by Dodger fans Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood.

Sanchez and Norwood pleaded guilty in state court and were sentenced to prison. Both are awaiting trial on federal gun charges.

Stow will require a lifetime of complicated medical care and therapy, Girardi said, and Stow’s medical insurance carrier has already reduced his benefits.

The civil trial is set to begin at the end of May.

-- Eric Leonard