Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas said Tuesday County construction work at his home near Leimert Park was an allowable security upgrade, and said elements of news reports in the Los Angeles Times about the project were inaccurate.

“The Times, unfortunately, didn’t wait to get the facts and they’ve been writing in such a way that’s reduceable to innuendo,” he said.

Ridley Thomas offered no specifics about who paid for the conversion of a detached garage into a home office, or whether he reimbursed the County for construction work outside the scope of a security system.

The Times reported last week County crews spent about $10,000 installing new electric lines, drywall, air conditioning, and a flat-panel TV in the garage.

The L.A. Department and Building and Safety had no listings in its database for construction permits for the garage conversion.

Ridley Thomas said the Times had requested home construction records for each of the Supervisors and some of the documents were still being reviewed by the County Counsel’s office before being released.

“I can tell you without fear of contradiction that some of what they have written is just factually incorrect,” he said.

He said the documents will explain the project and detail the funds used – once they’re made public.

-- Eric Leonard in Downtown L.A.