() Two bills proposed by Michigan state legislators would allow cities to request payment of people who have made “reckless” choices that put them in dangerous situations necessitating their rescue by professional teams.

MLive reported that the proposed legislation would apply during states of emergency and to people, who by their own “grossly negligent” choices, put themselves in danger. For a person to be charged, it would have to be “conduct so reckless as to demonstrate a substantial lack of concern for whether injury results.”

“Hopefully a local unit of government will never have to use this option,” one of the bills sponsors, state representative Brandon Dillon, said, according to MLive. “But if they do, it will make sure taxpayers are not on the hook for providing emergency response for somebody who’s acting stupidly.”

The bills (House Bill 4856 and House Bill 4857) would allow municipalities in certain situations to make up for the cost of paying rescue teams and for any medical supplies or services used.

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