We've been talking about the KonMari Method to declutter your life.

I loved this piece about "those clothes in the back of the closet" that you just know you'll fit into 1 day. 

If you lose weight, sure, you may.

But even if you do lose weight, they may not fit the same cuz cotton fabric can change after several dormant years (I know this from experience), or you just may never be able to attain that body you had in your 20s or 30s once again. Or the idea you have in your mind of what that body was.


From the post:

"Then I dug deeper into my closet. Way in the back, on a shelf on top of my hanging clothes, I pulled out "the jeans." These were the ones I wore in college, before marriage, before my body expanded and changed after going through two pregnancies. 

I remember pulling them out a year after my first was born, and not even attempting to put them on, for fear of how I might just fall into a puddle of sadness on the floor. I kept them though. With the mindset that they'd inspire me to get back to my prebaby weight after I'd have baby number two. And now was the moment of truth.

I didn't do it though. I did not try them on. I hated what those jeans stood for, for the way they made me feel, so I didn't even give them the chance to make me feel anything. I added those six pairs of jeans to the huge pile to be given away. And I proceeded to get rid of every article of clothing I only held onto to "in case I got skinnier." F*ck that. That's no way to live.

Now when I look in my closet or pull something out of my drawers, I know it'll make me feel good about myself, that I'll feel proud and confident. Not only that, but now when I go shopping, if I don't love something immediately in the dressing room, I don't buy it. I've saved money, valuable closet space, and honestly, my soul."



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