This post meant a lot to me, but not for the surface reason. Here's the key stanza:


"While maintaining their losses requires ongoing effort, that effort isn’t perceived by these weight loss masters as a hardship but rather as just living with new lifestyles, and lifestyles that they enjoy.

It’s clear that liking the life you’re living while you’re losing weight is the key to keeping it off."


While that's all good and touchy feely, I look at the other side of weight loss. I HATED MY LIFE WHEN I WAS OBESE. I HATED MYSELF. I HATED EVERYTHING. And I do not want to return to that whatsoever.

Sure I love my new life. Being decent looking is remarkably different and pleasurable as opposed to who I was before. 

But when I think about how dark I got, how depressed I was, how nothing and insignificant I felt in it all, I will NEVER go back to that.

And, sometimes, that's what keeps me going. 


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