It’s the holiday season and you know what that means.  It’s time to fight your way through crowded parking lots and malls just to bite your nails in anxiety over what to get your man this year. I've gotten several requests from listeners, asking for some great gift ideas and this is the first article out of a 3-part series to help you out.

Before you end up wrapping another tacky tie or, God forbid, a pair of house slippers, check out these more creative gifts that are sure to light up his Christmas morning.

1)  Lessons

Whether he’s always wanted to learn how to play the guitar or a decent round of golf, this is the gift that keeps on giving all year long.  Not only does it last for months into the new year, it also shows him how thoughtful you are to consider how to make his life better in the new year.

2)  Oversized Bean Bag Chair

No matter how mature your man is, he’s gonna love coming home and plopping down on his chair full of fun.  A premium bean bag chair is just as comfortable as a recliner for a fraction of the price. As an added bonus, you can join him on the bean bag for some cuddle time.

3)  Wrinkle-Free Shirts

He may not fully appreciate this one until he wakes up late for work or forgets to pick up the dry-cleaning.  They come in a variety of styles, colors, and brands, and their surging popularity is a testament to how useful they can be in a pinch.  Besides the practicality of this gift, it will also feel good for him to slip on a shirt straight from the dryer that doesn’t have his favorite football team logo.

4)  Breathalyzer

It may not be the sexiest gift in the world, but nothing says “I love you” like a personal breathalyzer.  Every 30 minutes, someone is killed from a drunk-driving accident; every other minute, someone is injured in an alcohol-related crash. If your man likes to occasionally enjoy an adult beverage, having a breathalyzer in his glove compartment can make the difference between him getting home safely or ending up in jail, or worse.  Whether it’s a company party or his weekly happy hour with the guys, it can sometimes be difficult to realize when you’ve had one drink too many.  Not only can this handy gift save his life or prevent a potential DUI, it also shows him how much you care about his safety.

5)  Personal Coffee Brewing System

Forget his having to wait in line at Starbucks or re-heating yesterday’s coffee on a busy morning.  Personal brewing systems from brands like Keurig or Hamilton Beach make every cup of coffee taste just as delicious as the first one. These systems brew one cup at a time, and usually take 60 seconds or less to do so.  After one week of fresh, premium coffee in his kitchen, he’ll wonder how he ever lived without it.

6)  Cologne Sample Pack

If your guy is like most guys, he finds cologne that he likes and commits to it for the next decade.  This present will add a welcome change to his nose and yours.  Simply buy two or three mini versions of various colognes and you’re done.

7)  Gift Cards

Okay, I know that this is a pretty common gift, but the possibilities really are endless.  Just think of the stores and shops where he spends the most money and let the cashier do the rest.  Whether it’s for Home Depot or Gamestop, he’ll be sure to get something that he really wants and you can avoid the anxiety of disappointing him on Christmas morning.  

8)  iPad

If he doesn’t already have one, an iPod is a gift that is sure to please.  Not only is the iPad a great tool for staying organized, your man will get a kick out of all of the apps he can download.  From helping him train at the gym to re-igniting his love for Scrabble, he’s bound to find all sorts of unexpected uses for this trendy device.

9)  Personalized Gift Basket

While gift baskets are nothing new, you can put a spin on it by making one that tailors to his interests.   For instance, a beer connoisseur would appreciate a basket of eclectic beers from boutique breweries while a photography hobbyist will go crazy for a basket full of filters, gels, and film stocks. Visit your local craft store for the basket, gift wrap, and ribbon and you’re halfway there.

10) Concert Concierge Service

Whether he rocks out to Bon Jovi or likes to rap right along with Lil’ Wayne, this gift is sure to please.  Simply purchase a pair of VIP concert tickets for his favorite artist, order a limo, and make reservations for his favorite restaurant.  Not only does it make you look really cool, it’s also sure to make for an evening of entertainment that he’ll never forget.

Of course, if your Christmas budget is smaller than the dots on a ladybug’s body, there’s always the oldie but goodie.  Greet him on Christmas morning wearing nothing but a gift bow and a smile!