In LA, we know our region cycles between El Niño years and drought years, but we don't have many bone-dry years. Right now is the driest the region has been in 163 years of formal record keeping. It's also probably the driest it's been in 500 years, and a sign of LA's bleak future. The word "drought" has lost all meaning to us though. Our utilities have done a brilliant job of keeping us comfortable, with plentiful running water, while every part of our region without plumbing wilts to a crisp.

Talk to older Southern Californians and they'll throw up finger quotes when they use the word "drought." They'll blame politicians and environmentalists for droughts as though they control the weather. In Sacramento, there's so much finger-pointing and leftover bitterness from the last drought, or the one before, or the one before that, that we forget to notice that our hills are on fire,bears are wandering into our cities, our air is toxic, and some of our unique flora and fauna face extinction in months, not years.









Rams owner Stan Kroenke buys 60 acres in Los Angeles


If St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke wants to move his team to Los Angeles, he now has the land to do it. Kroenke has purchased a 60-acre plot in Inglewood, Calif., according to theSt. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Walmart sold the land to a New York-based holding company on Jan. 13. The man in charge of selling unwanted real estate for Walmart, Richard Kennard, told the Post-Dispatch that the company generally only sells "to people who are going to develop."

Kroenke's ties to Walmart run deep -- his wife is the daughter of company co-founder Bud Walton and Kroenke also once served on Walmart's company board.

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