Climate Change Lunacy? There Are Apps for That.

RUSH: So I'm minding my own business yesterday, I'm at home in my stately library, and I'm not really doing any show prep, just taking some time to chill the mind. All of a sudden my two phones start going nuts with alerts!

See, I use three weather apps. And I have the alerts and notifications for all of them turned on 'cause if you live down here, you need to know if there's inclement thunderstorm activity coming, if the heat index is gonna require the air-conditioning to be turned down to 85 or whatever.

And they all went nuts at the same time. I said, “What is this?” I looked outside. There's not a cloud in the sky. And you know what it was? There was a hurricane or a tropical storm out there. I said, “What?” All of my weather apps have the ability to show me a map of where this thing is, but all that was around it was blue, meaning ocean.

I know how to read weather maps. So I had to pinch out and keep pinching out and keep pinching out to find out where the hell this thing was. 'Cause if you live down here and you get an alert that there's a tropical storm out there, you snap to.

This thing was halfway between New York and London in the northern Atlantic Ocean! I looked at it, the winds were 40 miles an hour. There was nothing tropical stormish or hurricanish about it. And, you know, they got me. We've got the people, the climate change crowd has taken over the weather forecast. It's now confirmed. They just need numbers. They need to be able to claim there were X-number of tropical storms and there haven't been any.

The season began in June. There haven't been any of note. The forecasts were that this was gonna be a devastating hurricane season, it was gonna be really, really bad because of all these skyrocketing temperatures and the skyrocketing sea surface temperatures, and there hasn't been diddly-squat out there. And I looked at this and I just had to chuckle. It was so pathetic.

I mean, a little thunderstorm mass right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with nothing else around it. There was one other this year where the same thing happened. It was basically a thunderstorm squall line that actually went through here. We were all prepared for massive tropical storm winds, and it was just a five-minute thunderstorm that went through here, and they classified it as a tropical storm.

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