Mexican Actor Slaps Reporter

(Los Angeles, CA)  --  Video from a Hollywood red carpet is going viral and a Mexican actor may face charges.  Telenovela star Eduardo Yanez can be seen dressed to the nines this week and speaking to reporters.  One reporter asked why his son started a GoFundMe page to buy a new car after he crashed his, instead of just asking the actor for the money. 

 Yanez then becomes visibly upset and slaps the reporter in the face so hard it almost knocked the reporter off his feet.  The actor says the reporter was being disrespectful. The Los Angeles police are aware of the incident but it's unclear if any charges have been filed. 

Yanez tweeted an apology Thursday morning saying, "I want to ask a sincere apology to the public and the person affected by my action. It was not correct. My personal life is not for sale." 


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