Evangelical pastor still jailed in Turkey for his Christianity after 18 months

Evangelical pastor Andrew Brunson was arrested 18 months ago and sent to a Turkish prison, charged with funding a terror organization. Of course, he was just one of many such “terrorists” jailed in the aftermath of the 2016 failed coup d’état: Journalists, academics, soldiers, teachers… and Christians.

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According to Brunson, his crime is, in fact, his faith — his belief in Christianity. Brunson has lived in Turkey for 23 years. The Turkish government claims he’s involved with the Gulen movement. In reality, it’s likely a power play by Turkish President Recep Erdogan, who is paranoid that the coup was orchestrated by the US. He’s furious. He’s also tantrum-prone and authoritarian.

The persecution of Christians in that region is the subject of Faithkeepers, a great documentary from the Clarion Project, which will air exclusively on TheBlaze on Wednesday, April 18th. We’ll also speak with the documentary’s producers on the 18th, and some of its collaborators on the 19th.

Watch the official trailer:

It’s an eye-opening, heart-rending documentary. Chilling, but also inspiring. Christians in the Middle East and North Africa, and now increasingly in Europe, face hardships of the most depraved and terrifying kind — for no other reason than their faith in Christ. More accurately, they’re persecuted for their lack of willingness to accept Islam.

“It is crucial we take notice.”

Faithkeepers provides an excellent metric for the growing persecution that Christians are confronted with. It is crucial we take notice every time something like the imprisonment of Andrew Brunson in Turkey takes place. Because it’s likely going to happen more often, more openly and more violently.

This article was originally published on GlennBeck.com.


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