Vegan Woman Takes Neighbors To Court Over Barbecue Smell From Their Grill

A vegan woman from Australia is taking her neighbors to court in an attempt to stop them from grilling meat and fish in their backyard. Cilla Carden says that the strong smell of cooking meat makes her sick to her stomach and that she is unable to enjoy her own yard when her neighbors are outside cooking.

"All I can smell is fish," Carden told 9News. "I can't enjoy my backyard. I can't go out there."

She also has issues with cigarette smoke and the sound of children playing basketball.

"It's been devastating, it's been turmoil, it's been unrest, I haven't been able to sleep," she said.

She claims that her neighbors began deliberately trying to make her life miserable after she complained. That charge was disputed by one of her neighbors, who told the news station they removed their barbecue and even asked their kids to stop playing basketball.

Carden's original complaint was tossed out of court so she appealed to Australia's Supreme Court. The high court rejected Carden's appeal, but that hasn't deterred her. She says she is still considering legal action against her neighbors, though it is unclear if she will have a civil case since her complaints had been thrown out.

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