Students Tackle Classmate Brandishing Pistol At California High School

A pair of high school freshmen from La Habra High School in Orange County, California, are being hailed as heroes after tackling a student who pulled out a pistol. Police say the suspect was brandishing a .22-caliber handgun when another student tried to take it from him. A struggle ensued and eventually the two underclassmen managed to subdue the suspect and held him until a school resource officer arrived. Nobody was injured during the scuffle.

The gun was unloaded and officials are unsure if the suspect was just showing off the gun or if he was trying to sell it. Authorities say they do not believe the student had any intention of using the weapon. They did not say how the student managed to get the gun.

The suspect was taken to a juvenile detention facility and was charged with possession of a gun on a school campus. He could face additional charges as the investigation moves forward.

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