WATCH: Bills Star Levels Fan Who Ran Onto Field During Playoff Game

Sunday's (January 23) epic Divisional playoff game between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs was briefly interrupted with two minutes left to go in regulation when a fan ran onto the field.

The fan managed to make his way to the 25-yard line where the teams were lining up for a pivotal fourth-down play. As security chased after the fan, Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs ran over and leveled the Chiefs fan with a hard shoulder block.

A security guard then jumped on the fan, who put up his fist in triumph. Another security guard rushed over and helped subdue the unruly fan. He didn't seem too fazed after getting decked by an NFL player as he was yelling at the Chiefs defensive players and smiling as he was escorted off the field.

The final two minutes of the game were absolutely wild. Down by five points, the Bills managed to score a touchdown and convert on a two-point conversion to take a 29-26 lead. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs quickly answered back with a touchdown of their own to take a 33-29 lead. That lead didn't last long when Josh Allen led the Bills to another touchdown, taking a 36-33 lead with just 13 seconds left in the game.

Mahomes managed to get the Chiefs in the field goal range, setting up a game-tying kick as time expired. The Cheifs won the coin toss in overtime and marched down the field, scoring a touchdown to win the game and advance to the AFC Championship game.

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