Donald Trump Cruises To Victory In Nevada Caucuses

Donald Trump Delivers Remarks At His Mar-A-Lago Estate

Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images News / Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump cruised to an easy victory in the Nevada Republican presidential primary caucuses on Thursday (February 8) night. He was basically unopposed as the only major candidate on the ballot.

His only remaining challenger, Nikki Haley, opted to run in the state's primary election, which was held on Tuesday. While she was the only major candidate on that ballot, she lost to "none of these candidates."

The primary election did not award any delegates due to a conflict between state legislators and the Nevada Republican Party.

In 2021, the Nevada legislature, which was controlled by Democrats, changed the law and eliminated the state caucuses in favor of a primary election. The Nevada GOP balked at the new law and decided it would continue to hold the caucuses. Republican officials said that candidates would be awarded delegates based on the results of the caucuses and not the primary election.

Candidates were barred from running in both contests.

Haley's campaign is on life support ahead of the next primary election in her home state of South Carolina on February 24.

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