WATCH: Runaway Kangaroo Darts Around Florida Apartment Complex

Photo: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

Authorities in Florida were baffled after getting a call about an exotic animal on the loose in an apartment complex. The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office responded to a call about a runaway kangaroo hopping around a complex in Tampa Thursday morning (February 8).

“A Kangaroo? On The Loose?” deputies wrote in a Facebook post, which revealed they trapped the Australian icon in the complex's pool area near Fowler Avenue and 56th Street.

Officials also shared both aerial and body camera footage of the kangaroo exploring the pool area as deputies curiously observed the marsupial. The video also had audio from the 911 call reporting the unusual encounter.

“Fire or medical?” the dispatcher asked the caller.

“I guess police. There’s, uh, a kangaroo in my apartment complex,” the person replied.

HCSO's Agriculture Unit helped reunite the kangaroo with its owner after verifying proper ownership registrations. No word on how it got loose.

There have been some stunning animal encounters throughout the Sunshine State lately. Last week, a deputy came face to face with Alaskan bear cubs over 3,600 miles away from their natural habitat. Then, there was an incident where deputies had to wrangle a bull charging at both people and vehicles.

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