Joe Biden Trolls Conspiracy Theorists After Chiefs' Super Bowl Win

Photo: Getty Images

President Joe Biden trolled right-wing conspiracy theorists after the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl LVIII victory Sunday (February 11) night.

Biden, 81, wrote, "Just like we drew it up," along with a photo of himself with red lasers for eyes, which has been dubbed the 'Dark Brandon' meme, on his official X and Instagram accounts. The post was referencing theories shared by far-right pundits claiming the NFL was rigging the game for the Chiefs before tight end Travis Kelce's girlfriend, pop superstar Taylor Swift, would eventually endorse Biden's re-election campaign, as she did during his 2020 campaign.

The president also joked that he'd "get in trouble if I tell you that" after a staffer asked him if he was "deviously plotting to rig the season" rather than "the Chiefs just being a good football team" in a TikTok shared before the game.

The clip then showed the same 'Dark Brandon' meme that Biden tweeted after the game.

The Brandon name for the meme comes from the anti-Biden slogan "Let's Go Brandon," which stemmed from a post-race interview with driver Brandon Brown in which NASCAR fans chanted "f*** Joe Biden," which NBC's Kellie Stavast claimed was, instead, "let's go Brandon," during the live broadcast. The Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers, 25-22, in overtime to win their third Super Bowl in five years.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes connected with wide receiver Mecole Hardman Jr. on a 3-yard pass with three seconds remaining in what would've been the first quarter of overtime. Mahomes, who was named the Super Bowl MVP for the third time in his career, finished Sunday's game with 333 yards, two touchdowns and one interception on 34 of 47 passing.

Kelce recorded a game-best nine receptions and 93 receiving yards, which included a seven-yard first down catch to setup Hardman's touchdown on the following play. The Chiefs began and solidified their dynasty with victories against the 49ers, having previously defeated San Francisco, 31-20, in Super Bowl LIV.

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