WATCH: Brazen Porch Pirate Steals Package In Front Of Delivery Driver

Porch Pirate Person in Glasses Steals Packages

Photo: AvailableLight / iStock / Getty Images

A FedEx delivery driver was left stunned after a brazen thief snatched a package he had just dropped off at a home in Columbus, Ohio, last week. Homeowner Kyle Dorsch told WSYX that he heard a knock on his door and was met by the delivery driver, who tried to explain what happened.

"He just took your package. I sat it down, and I heard a movement," the driver told him.

When Dorsch reviewed the footage from his doorbell camera, he was shocked. Seconds after the delivery driver put down the package to ring his doorbell, a man wearing shorts and a hoodie ran up, grabbed the package, and then got into a blue Honda with no license plates and drove away

Dorsch told the news station the package contained an Apple Watch he had ordered from AT&T.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Dorsch found the Apple Watch for sale on Facebook by a woman who claimed to work for FedEx.

The paper reached out to FedEx for comment, but a spokesperson refused to comment on the specific case.

"In recent years, we've introduced innovative visibility technologies to give our customers added peace of mind when it comes to the reliable delivery of their packages," FedEx spokesperson Francesca Sacco said in an e-mail. "These tools have proven very helpful in combating porch piracy and improving the overall customer experience."

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