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Bill O’Reilly: Biden’s border mess is a DERELICTION OF DUTY

Biden’s failure at our southern border goes far beyond incompetence, Bill O’Reilly tells Glenn: ‘The President of the United States does not know what he’s doing.’ It’s the only way to explain why Joe hasn’t given Governor Abbott a SINGLE phone call about the issue, despite the fact that an estimated 3 MILLION migrants will enter Texas this fiscal year. O’Reilly predicts that Biden’s border mess is such a dereliction of duty, that it could be enough for Republicans to IMPEACH him next year...

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BILL: Okay. And this is going to make you and Stu, push your chins up.

GLENN: Okay. Stu is out -- Stu is out having surgery. And so Pat is --

BILL: Oh, I'm sorry. He's okay, though?

GLENN: Yeah. He's fine. He was in a knife fight with a pimp. But he's all right.

PAT: Yeah. It's before.

GLENN: Yeah. I know. I know. Several times. But we usually don't talk about it. But go ahead. Biggest story of the week, Bill?

BILL: Yeah. So Waters asked the governor of Texas, Abbott, has the president of the United States Joe Biden called you, about the crisis on the border, since he took office?

What do you think the answer was?


BILL: Now, why is this important? Number one, 3 million foreign nationals are estimated to cross just into Texas. This year. This fiscal year.

And a president doesn't call the governor of the state, that has to deal with that? One time?

So everybody listening goes, oh, he's just incompetent. He doesn't know.

It's not that. And I keep telling everybody this. And few believe me. I think you do, Beck. But I'm not sure.

The president of the United States does not know what he is doing. He is incapable of assimilating -- word of the day -- information.

You can tell him something, and he'll look at you, and maybe he'll understand what you're saying. But two minutes later, he will forget it.

So Biden, who has not been to the border. Another unbelievable occurrence. When you add up the human toll of this, plus the narcotics traffic. That's killing hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. You add it up, this is a catastrophe!

GLENN: So, Bill, what is --

BILL: He won't even --

GLENN: What are we supposed to do? Because I don't believe the Constitution is a death pact. You know, it's is not a suicide pact. And this is an invasion, and the government is doing nothing.

BILL: Nothing.

GLENN: And the government has the constitutional responsibility for the border. Not the states. So that's what's kept the states out of it.

But, again, are we in a constitutional suicide pact? What should the state do?

BILL: No. Beck, you elect the president. He comes into office. Americans have this idealistic view of that.

Many times, you elect someone who is destructive to the country. All right?

I mean, many times, not a few. Many. So what happens now? Well, everybody can whine and complain, and talk about it. But what happens is this: In November, there's a course correction possible. Whereby the American people would say, I recognize what a disaster Joe Biden is. And I'm sorry, he's the president. And if I voted for him, I made a mistake. So now I'm going to correct that mistake. And I'm going to give Congress, the authority to deal with Biden.

That's our system. That's how the Founders set it up. So I fully expect that the Republicans will take both houses of Congress. I'll be shocked, if that doesn't happen. Because of inflation, primarily. And the economy.

GLENN: Right.

BILL: That's the driver of the vote. But second is the border. Now, once the Republicans take over, I can assure you, articles of impeachment will be drawn up in January and February 2023 against Biden on this issue. Dereliction of duty. You can read the message of the day, at BillO' And I know you do. It's free. Everybody can read it. He's the commander of chief. This is dereliction of duty. Just like a corporal, or a sergeant, be if they were in the field, with the military unit, and they didn't follow orders, that's dereliction of duty. This is dereliction of duty. Does everybody get this?

Biden is president, but he's also the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. So you can impeach on those grounds. Now, will he be convicted in the Senate?

Probably not. But it will be such a hammer blow to the country. The Trump impeachment were jokes. That everybody knew what that was. Set up by Pelosi. On any grounds at all. To embarrass Trump.

This is much more serious, because the numbers are there. The deaths are there. Verifiable. It's not a phone call to Zelinsky in Ukraine.

This is people dying every day, because their government will not stop the importation of deadly narcotics from Mexico. That's what this is.

And that is why, this is the story of the week.

GLENN: Okay. Let me -- let me take you here. You know, you say I would be surprised if the Democrats, you know, held control. I would be too. It's just, what is it going to look like as it gets there? The hounding of right-wing extremists in the media, and how this is the most extreme political party. The right. Political party, ever. They are -- they are not only just stirring it up like they have been. But they are now also enacting through Fiat, the -- through the agencies. All kinds of things, to -- to set up an encounter with extremists. And be able to isolate, and, you know -- and label people.

I mean, it's -- I've never seen anything like this.

BILL: No. It's desperation! And it's enabled by the media, who loves the story. But it's not going to lead anywhere.

Look, the next time, you hear Biden get out there and say, white supremacy is the biggest danger to this country. Number one, please read killing it is killers. Because the jihadists are -- are way more dangerous than the white supremacists. But here's the question you ask: If that's true, Mr. President, why hasn't the president made any cases against white supremacists or organizations, thereof?


BILL: None. Why! If it's that big a threat. If it's everywhere pervasive, you would think the FBI would be perp-walking him every day. Would you not?

GLENN: Yeah. I mean, you would at least feel like it did after September 11th, you know.

BILL: Yeah. I mean, this is such a propaganda ploy. And, you know, I'm going to submit to you most Americans know it. They know it's BS. They know it. And then when the Producer Price Index comes out. And, again, it's not reported. Nobody knows what it is. And says, hey. We're almost over 10 percent. That's passed on to consumers. That's three more months!

GLENN: Yeah.

BILL: Of rising inflation, and that's up to November.

GLENN: Yeah. We haven't seen anything with inflation yet. People don't understand. It's still ahead of us. What you're feeling right now, is -- is in the past. What's coming is much worse.

BILL: You know what Biden is going to have to do?

GLENN: What? Price controls. That's what he's going to try to do.

BILL: Price controls. Absolutely.

See, Beck, you're much smarter than you look.

GLENN: No, I know. I know. I'm deceiving that way.

BILL: Yeah.

GLENN: All right. Back in just a second. More with Bill O'Reilly.

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