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Why Jason Whitlock Believes Diddy is Likely a Government Intelligence Asset

Sean “Diddy” Combs, one of the biggest names in the Hip-Hop industry, is facing even more controversy after a video surfaced of him violently assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Cassie. This is on top of other major accusations, including human trafficking, that he is also facing. But if all of this was going on, why is it only coming to light now? And why is he being protected from some prosecution? BlazeTV host Jason Whitlock joins Glenn to give his take: Is Diddy a federal asset like many believe Jeffrey Epstein was? Whitlock explains why he believes Diddy likely worked for the CIA to gather dirt on people – and why he probably isn’t the only one: “I think a lot of people in the rap industry are [feds] … it doesn’t require some level of skill, so these people are clearly selected.”

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GLENN: All right. Let me talk to you about P. Diddy. You know, you watch rap, and you listen to any contemporary music.

I don't care if it's white or black, and it is -- it's -- you know, my -- you know, I was growing up. And my parents were like, you're not listening to Afternoon Delight. Please.

But now, you listen to stuff, and I -- I swear to you, 20 percent of the songs are something about something going into somebody's butt it seems. It has been so dark, for so long. And now you read about P. Diddy, and what the hell is that guy's life all about?

JASON: Well, I mean, he has been seduced by money and fame and attention, and just greed. And the music industry has a long history of just flatout demonic energy.

And we've never seen anything like what's going on in rap music.

And what has been going on in rap music. Rap music is lyrical pornography, and we have mainstreamed. We have mainstreamed all of these guys. And -- and -- and not that physical pornography is any better.

But I just don't remember Hugh Hefner or Larry Flynt being invited to the White House, Oval Office. I don't remember --

And make them the halftime performers of the Super Bowl. This mainstream, normalizing and treating rappers with such respect when they're just lyrical pornographers, that promote a level of nihilism, that we just -- that's unprecedented, in any other art form. And, again, people, well, what about rap music?

And Ozzy Osbourne?

Or this person or that person? Marilyn Manson. Nothing is on the level. And I'm not saying those other genres aren't bad. Because all music has turned very nihilistic.

GLENN: It's not mainstream like rap is. Rap is everywhere.

JASON: Yeah. Look, they've made it. They've melded it into sports. So what's the strongest sports on television. It's live sporting events. And that's why they make this music into live sporting events.

And we wonder why our young people are so depraved and so just violent and have no control of their emotions?

No control of their sexuality?

Ius sexually fluid. And sexually promiscuous.

The music promotes it.

And music influences people in a way that other art forms just don't.

You remember every lyric of your favorite song. You never remember every word of a movie you saw.

Or even a TV show you saw. Music is a very powerful form of communication, that touches your soul in a way that other art forms don't.

And so, I'm just -- I'm not shocked. Diddy and his depraved behavior of beating up the woman, to the accusations of sex trafficking. You know, it goes right along for rap music. It's peanut butter and jelly.

GLENN: I have to tell you, there's only -- I just read this, this morning. I can't remember what it's called. But there's 4 percent of the population that has this disorder. And music does not move them. That means 96 percent of human beings on earth, it -- it moves them spiritually and it moves them internally.

Music has tremendous power to it. That -- that I think we're seeing the results of now.

GLENN: So you know what comes to mind, when I'm reading the stuff about P. Diddy is Epstein. And I absolutely am convinced Epstein was an agent of our government or a government, and it's why he got away with so much. I think he was an agent for our government. P. Teddy had a camera in every room. Everybody came over. Doing all kinds of stuff. He has dirt on everybody.

Do you think he was an agent?

JASON: Yes. I think a CIA agent. Would be my guess. And I think that a lot of the people in the rap music industry are. And I'll say this --

GLENN: Wait. Wait. Wait. You think a lot are?


Because, Glenn, look at -- I mean, again, there's no reason for you to know all these details, rap probably hasn't been your thing. But it has been mine, ever since I was a kid. So I've followed the rap industry. Right now, there's so little talent, actual talent, that -- in rap music.

And so it doesn't require some level of skill, and so these people are clearly selected. A Sexy Red. Or a Cardi B. Or a bunch of these very popular rappers. Now, they have no talent.

So how did they get picked? How does everybody fit the profile of someone who, if they weren't a rapper, there's nothing else on the planet that they're capable of really doing? Other than being a rap music celebrity.

And so, yeah. I think all of these people are picked. They're groomed. And then they're given -- the music industry gives them rapping points or talking points. Or things they have to support and believe. And what the music has to be.

I think, again, the people that want to bring down America and the freedoms that we have taken for granted here in America. They're using this particular art form or music form, to help accomplish those goals.

And that's why -- I mean, it's run by a very, very criminal element.

Not just the artist. But people in charge of the record labels. It's a band of criminals. And I think the government has Twitter can on all of them.

Kanye West has said. Has said, in an interview. Hey, look, they can't pressure me, the way they pressure some of these other artists because I've never committed murder. He said that. And he said that as a way of saying, they have dirt on these other artists, so they can control them.

They don't have that kind of dirt on me. That's why I'm harder to control.

GLENN: Uh-huh. I will tell you, I just talked to somebody who works in Hollywood.

And is a good guy.

And is just disgusted, and just is dying to leave. But he's in a position to where he sees it all, and we were talking.

And I couldn't believe -- because he said, just dead straight.

He said, Glenn. You know, you read about the sex things.

And you're seeing these documents on.

He said, you have no idea. It is full-out, almost devil worship.

He said, it is so dark in Hollywood. And the things that go on, if people knew. These documentaries are just scratching the surface. Of what really happens.

That's terrifying. Just terrifying.

GLENN: Jason Whitlock is who we're talking to. He's a long-time sportswriter. TV permit. From nonprofits. If you ever watch ESPN. You know who he is.

He is the guy who started the Undefeated for ESPN and steered Fox Sports' studio show Speak For Yourself.

But he's also -- and, I mean, have to point this out because I find it amazing with people, with different opinions, actually winning things.

He -- while he was at the Kansas City Star, he won the scripts Howard national journalism award for commentary in 2007. Which is a really big deal.

He is the only sportswriter to ever win that award. Quite an accomplishment.

Jason, we only have a few minutes.

I'm going to ask you a couple of questions. Just want a quick answer to you. Because I want to get into something deeper.

Last question on P. Diddy. You know, the video is out. He was taping people in his house. Is he done? Is he Louis C.K. at least for a little while?

JASON: Yeah. I think he's Russell Simmons. Russell Simmons was another rap mogul. Who got Me Tood, and I think now lives in Bali. And basically had to leave the country for peace. And I think that's where Diddy is going to end up if there's no criminal charges. I just think he ends up moving out of the country and existing from afar.

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