An Attorney For Flint, Mich. Mayor Nearly Throws Down With City Councilman


An attorney told outspoken Flint Councilman Eric Mays he wanted to “crack him across the head" during an altercation that erupted at a committee meeting Wednesday, Sept. 4.
The incident happened at a meeting where a high-ranking member of Mayor Karen Weaver’s staff, Aonie Gilcreast, was being questioned about lead pipe restoration contracts and an alleged boycott by department heads in July.

Gilcreast was questioned for less than 10 minutes before his attorney Ken Scott began arguing with Councilman Mays.

Scott warned Mays, “I don’t allow nobody to disrespect me or my client.”

Scott then walked up on Mays and said “I will crack you across your head.”

Mays also has a long history for outbursts during council meetings.

Scott eventually left the meeting.

The Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak points out, “It is the latest example of the dysfunction of the local leadership of the sub-100,000-person city, whose officials were put in charge of spending nearly $700 million in state and local funds to fix problems with lead in water.National Democratic political figure frequently cite Flint as an example of injustice, but few nationalmedia outlets or politicians have shown interest in how $647 million in state and federal funds have been used, instead positioning Flint Mayor Karen Weaver as an expert.”

Here’s another angle of the near throw-down:

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