Cultish: Swedish Scientist Argues For Cannibalism To Fight “Climate Change”

The Washington Examiner reports:

Magnus Soderlund, a behavioral scientist and marketing strategist at the Stockholm School of Economics, presented at a food of the future conference known as the Gastro Summit in Sweden last week, according to the Epoch Times. Soderlund's presentation asked the audience to consider consuming human flesh in the future to help combat climate change.
He calls the notion that people should not eat other humans a “conservative” taboo and says the stigma should be lifted in humanity's best interest. In the future, after the most drastic effects of climate change begin to set in, people will have to consume human flesh in order to survive, according to Soderlund.
At an interview after his talk, Soderland said nearly 10% of his audience said they were open to trying human flesh. When asked if he would consider eating the flesh of another person, he said, "I feel somewhat hesitant but to not appear overly conservative … I’d have to say … I’d be open to at least tasting it."

This comes on the heels of Newsweek running an op-ed piece by two professors who argue that “we suspect that we could adapt to human flesh if need be” – all in the name of “climate change”.

British Professors Jared Piazza and Neil McLatchie write:

“Many people develop disgust for all kinds of meat, while morticians and surgeons quickly adapt to the initially difficult experience of handling dead bodies. Our ongoing research with butchers in England suggests that they easily adapt to working with animal parts that the average consumer finds quite disgusting.
...Some philosophers have argued that burying the dead could be wasteful in the context of the fight against world hunger—but there are much more palatable alternatives on the table than a haunch of human. We can shift to eating more plants and less meat to conserve resources lost by feeding plants directly to livestock.”

This is what they want:

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