The Punter For The Saints Shares Great Story About His Sons & J.J. Watt

According to a tweet by Saints Punter Thomas Morstead, JJ Watt did his usual pregame warm-up of playing catch with kids in the stands. When he tossed the ball to Morstead's son, Beckett, he accidentally knocked his lollipop out of his mouth and onto the concrete steps.

The little boy cried.

But then JJ being JJ made the situation all better.He gave the boy his gloves to cheer him up and it worked.

Morestead later wrote on twitter, “Thanks for making an awesome memory for my boys.”Morestead added that his boy still enjoyed the dropped lollipop as well, “apparently the five-second rule holds true, even on the floor of the Superdome.”

JJ responded to Morestead, “Oh man I had no idea that was your son, I felt so bad when I saw the ball hit that lollipop. I’m glad it all ended up alright. Sorry about that!”

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