Our Problem Now: New York City Sending 1,200 Homeless People to Texas

We ain't world class cities in Texas unless we've got more crime, disease and public poop problems like Seattle, San Francisco & L.A.

Michael Berry Show affiliates in San Antonio, 1200 WOAI reports:

The Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance says 1200 people who are homeless on the streets of New York City have agreed to accept bus tickets to Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.
The group says 85% of the New York City homeless being sent here have relatives.They claim that they will not join the contingent of homeless already on the streets of those cities.

David Gruber, Development and Communications Director at Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance, claims that it is a myth that the majority of homeless people are mentally ill, or dangerous.

Gruber says the stereotype of the hopeless, chronic, mentally ill and criminal Homeless person has colored affects to get the homeless the aid that they need.

Whatever dude, see what is happening in Seattle and tells us that homeless people just need “aid.

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