Watch: Woman Smashes Her Car, Attempting Cut In Line At Popeyes Drive Thru

The incident was capture on cell phone camera in L.A. It showed the woman attempting to cut in line with her car at the drive-thru but she ends up destroying her own car.

The woman can been seen trying to force her vehicle between a pillar and in front of another car in the line.

Despite the opening being quite obviously too narrow for her car to fit through, the woman advances regardless, scraping the passenger side of her car against the concrete post.

She then back up into a car, then pull forward into another car.

A worker from Popeyes approaches the driver and tells her she's forbidden from placing an order at the restaurant due to attempting to cut the line and causing a scene at the drive-thru.

The woman continues to grind her vehicle against the concrete pillar with dents forming on both of the passenger doors and the car's side-skirting starting to fall away.

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