CA. Sheriff Blasts Sanctuary Laws After Officer Is Murdered By Illegals

El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostini says the state’s sanctuary law is partly to blame for the death of deputy Brian Ishmael.

Back on October 23rd, Deputy Ishmael was Killed after responding to a call about stolen marijuana crops at a private residence. Deputy Ishmael immediately came under fire at the residency.

Two illegal immigrants Juan Carlos Vasquez and Ramiro Bravo Morales have been arrested for Deputy Ishmael’s murder.

Sheriff D’Agostini told reporters this week, “first I want to make something clear, and I ask that you, the media, please call this what this is…don’t soften it.This tragedy was due to an illegal alien...”

D’Agostini described early moments in the investigation when he says he was unable to bring in federal agents to help identify the pair, because of California’ssanctuary state laws. SB 54 restricts local law enforcement from turning over individuals to federal immigration authorities. It does have exemptions, including for any person held to answer for a serious felony.
D’Agostini says he was forced to reached out to California State Attorney General Xavier Becerra during the case, who helped his investigators navigate the SB 54 law.
D’Agostini also took Governor Gavin Newsom to task for not attending deputy Ishmael’s funeral.

He said “one morning, out of his busy schedule to respect my deputy and his family I don’t think is too much to ask.”

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