Seattle Public School Leaders Don’t Want Homeless Encampment Cleared

Student at Seattle’s Brodview Thomson school returned to in-person classes more than a week ago even with a homeless encampment on school property.

Mayor Jenny Durkan wants the camp cleared for the health and safety of students along with parents and staff however Seattle Public School leaders are refusing.

Durkan tells KOMO-TV, “Seattle Public Schools is a separate governmental entity and it controls its own properties. The City of Seattle does not and cannot go onto school grounds and start dealing with encampments.”

Several Seattle School Board members, including board president Hampson and School Board Chair of Operations Committee Zachary DeWolf have shared a statement on social media saying they don’t want the encampments cleared.

KIRO-TV reports that the board members said in their shared statement, “Our students deserve to see the adults in their lives behave compassionately… we demand sweeps never be used on school grounds, adjacent or elsewhere in this City.”