CNN Crew Member Confronted & Assaulted By Antifa/BLM “Protesters” In Minn.

Of course, CNN will still stress that it was a “mostly peaceful” confrontation and assault.

Washington Examiner reporters Jake Dima & Nicholas Rowan witnessed the confrontation, they report that:

“the CNN crew, which included reporter Miguel Marquez, was filming protesters screaming at police officers through a fence surrounding the headquarters when two young women, who refused to give their names, demanded the crew cover the rally across the street rather than the police presence.Marquez attempted to explain that demonstrators don't dictate the news coverage before a larger group shooed the news crew away...
One member of the CNN crew was hit directly in the head with a water bottle. He fell to the ground, while protesters mocked him. The man got up and said, "It's all good."...
within minutes, the crew was chased away."F--- out of here," protesters yelled as they followed the crew through the street as some in the crowd hurled eggs at the reporters.
"We don't want any trouble," one of the CNN team members told protesters as they entered a vehicle to drive away. One egg was thrown at the driver's side window, and the crew appeared to have bumped a car as they tried to make a hasty exit.”

Marquez later tweeted, “my team and I are fine and I appreciate your concern. I hope for equal justice under the law and will continue to report on this vital story as it unfolds.”