Golf Digest: “The Wildest Fight On A Golf Course We've Ever Seen”

Homeboy breaks out the flagstick and starts swinging.

This incredible video comes from South Africa and is going viral for obvious reasons.

This took place at a fundraising event for a local school.

From Golf Digest:

"It starts off with two guys getting into it before one of them loses his shirt. Then he adds a FLAGSTICK to the ruckus. Fortunately, it looks like no one was seriously hurt in this heavyweight brawl..
Absolutely wild stuff. And we have so many questions. What in the world set that off? Will flagstick guy get charged with aggravated assault? And why the heck didn't anyone break these guys up?
OK, so we're guessing the answer to the last question is the fact that those are some big dudes. Anyway, again, it looks like no one was seriously hurt."