Buck Has a Theory on Boosters

CLAY: We said on Friday, if you were listening to the show… The Afghanistan news about us killing an innocent civilian and seven children among 10 people who were killed came out right as we were preparing to finish the Friday show. And what did we say, Buck? We said a lot of times you get even still these news dumps on Friday afternoons headed into a weekend because there’s the hope that they aren’t going to linger by the time you get to Monday.

So in short order we got that news and were able to talk about it on the show. And then you had an announcement of an Australia-and-England partnership designed to help with submarines and stand up to China, and France pulls its ambassador out. I don’t really care what the French ambassador does, Buck. But it does directly fly in the face of the argument of the Biden administration that we’re gonna be the adults.

We’re not gonna have uncomfortable relationships with our top allies. And this an unprecedented move, the likes of which it would lead newscasts forever if France was upset with Trump. So that happens, and then Joe Biden, a couple of weeks ago, made a major statement — you may remember it — about how everybody who got the vaccine was gonna get boosters eight months after their last vaccine.

And every adult, every kid — theoretically everybody — was gonna be getting this thing. And then the FDA actually steps up and shootings down the booster requirement for most adults. And, Buck, they did it by a massive magnitude. I’ve seen two different reports. It was either 16-2 or 16-3 that they voted against a vaccine booster mandate for everyone.

And so, again, we talked about Gottlieb saying the science was effectively made up as it pertains to six feet. You heard the mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, acknowledging that she just didn’t feel like wearing her mask ’cause she was having a good time. And it’s amazing. It’s honest, probably, but it’s amazing. And then you have Joe Biden, who has said, “I’m gonna solve covid” and Dr. Fauci. They were telling everybody they need to get boosters — and boom! What happens, Buck? It completely gets shot down.

BUCK: It’s almost like they’re making judgment calls and they’ve been making judgment calls all along. Meaning that they look at different variables, numbers, uncertain data; having to balance out different priorities and freedoms and equities you could say to look at all this stuff together and they’re using their judgment.

But the whole time they have been pretending that it is a matter of fact when in fact it is a matter of what they decide, what they want to do. And you see this now with the boosters in a very clear example. My theory — and we can spend a little more time on where this is going, Clay.

CLAY: Yeah, I want to hear your theory.

BUCK: I don’t think boosters are not happening. I think this is gonna be something similar to what we saw with J&J. This is the temporary pause to create the illusion of reasonableness from the apparatus of control before they decide in a month, maybe sixty days, “Oh, just kidding. You actually are all going to need boosters.”

CLAY: I wonder if they’re hoping that the case numbers are gonna go down and people just forget all about the boosters.

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