Psaki Defends the Indefensible on Unvaxxed Illegal Aliens

CLAY: We’ve been talking about the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party as it pertains to the border, where you can cross without being tested for covid at all — despite the fact that hundreds of thousands if not millions of people have done so over the last year.

Whereas if you’re vacationing in Mexico, you have to get a test to come back, if you’re coming in from Europe, you have to get a test or be a covid vaccinated in order to come into this country now under new policies. Well, Jen Psaki was asked about that by Fox News’s Peter Doocy and this is what it town halls.

DOOCY: If somebody walks into the country right across the river, does somebody ask them to see their vaccination card?

PSAKI: Well, let me explain to you again, Peter, how our process works. As individuals come across the border, they are, uh, both assessed for whether they have any symptoms. If they have symptoms, they are… The intention is for them to be quarantined. That is our process. They’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time.

DOOCY: (unintelligible)

BUCK: It’s just delusional at some point. First of all, most of the family units — and there’s still a lot of family units showing up — are let into the U.S., Clay, so start with that. More than half of them, the numbers that I’ve seen from people studying this, are about 60 to 70% of the family units on any given day are just being told, “Go ahead!” And trust us when we tell you, folks, that they’re planning on staying in the U.S. a very long time.

CLAY: Yes, and look: This is an indefensible position to have to defend and I’m sure Jen Psaki knows that. This is just one of the litany of disasters that is facing Joe Biden right now. But it’s one that is wildly and clearly and blatantly hypocritical. We talk about why these sort of situations matter: Why does it matter that the Emmys occur and none of the stars are wearing masks? I think they should be able to have the Emmys, by the way, and not have to wear masks.


BUCK: I want no one wearing masks. Maybe health care settings with people at high risk. That’s it.

CLAY: Why does it matter if London Breed, the mayor of San Francisco, is flagrantly violating her own restrictions? Why does it matter that the Biden administration has one policy in place for covid when it comes to crossing the border if you’re an American citizen who went to a resort in Mexico and another if you are walking across the river, the Rio Grande, to enter into the United States?

BUCK: And, by the way, Clay, how they’re going after people for fake vaccine passports.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: They’re trying to make examples of people. You know what one of the most common crimes that illegal immigrants commit on a regular basis and are almost never prosecuted for? Document fraud, folks! Social Security card fraud, all kinds of fraud. They sign things under other names. They commit fraud on a regular basis.

People say, “Oh, they have to work.” Well, I’m just trying to find out: Do we have a set of rules? Don’t tell me that a CD… A friend of mine… I may or may not know some people with some fake cards, I can neither confirm or deny that I know people with fake cards, Clay, but that’s so terrible; so serious. But forging documents if you’re an illegal in this country, that’s totally fine? No, I’m sorry. The law is the law or it’s not.

CLAY: Yeah, and it ties in, Buck, with ultimately this ends when people say it has to end, and I talked about this over the weekend. You’re up in New York City where you have to have a have a passport, in theory, to go to a restaurant, to go to a gym, to go to a movie, to go to a sporting event, any kind of major life event, basically.

Less than four hours away in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania, nearly 110,000 people showed up for the Penn State game against Auburn — all sitting without masks, all in white. They did a whiteout which is really cool, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what a different worlds we’re living in right now where some people have reached the point where they say, “Hey, we’re gonna live our normal life,” and there are so many other people out there that are still terrified to live their normal life. And it’s often only a few of miles that separates the distance between the two.

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