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Gordon Ramsay Outrages Internet Choosing Yummy Lamb

BUCK: Do you have a favorite celebrity chef, Clay? Is there one that comes to mind? Do you have one that you automatically think of when you’re like, “My favorite celebrity…” You know, are you an Emeril guy? You’re not a Salt Bae fan. I can sort of jump ahead.

CLAY: I’m not a huge… I do not know how to cook anything, all right? So, my knowledge as —

BUCK: Really?

CLAY: Oh, I can’t cook anything.

BUCK: Because I see, you’ve been married since your twenties.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: I didn’t know how to cook in my twenties, but then as I got into my thirties as a single guy, I was like, “I need to learn how to cook some stuff,” so, I actually got some pretty decent skills.”

CLAY: So, you watch some of these cooking shows?

BUCK: So, I watch basically internet, like YouTube videos of different chefs doing things, very basic things so I can make really good steak, really good burgers. I don’t know. Maybe need to have a throwdown with Jesse Kelly over who makes the best burger; I don’t know. But I make amazing scrambled eggs. I’m not gonna lie. No humble brags here, just straight brags: My scrambled eggs are amazing.

And I did learn from Gordon Ramsey I find is among the most entertaining, engaging, and also really instructional. If you cannot boil water, you can watch a Gordon Ramsey video and he moves you through and shows you and you do pretty well. I’m gonna say this. For the guys out there, who are listening who are young and unmarried — you know, we got 20-year-old, 30-year-old guys listening, a lot of OutKick fans who love the sports who are tuning in or eating a lot of ramen — let’s be honest, 25, 26-year-olds, you know who you are out there. Learning how to cook five to 10 things well is a life skill that every guy should have. Maybe five is good. But if five to 10 things. You know, I’m not sitting there making beurre blanc sauce all the time, although I could. I’m just —

CLAY: I don’t even know what that is.

BUCK: It’s just something you say to sound fancy, Clay.

CLAY: Yeah, right. I’m not even sophisticated enough to know. It sounds fancy, but I don’t even know what it is.

BUCK: So, Chef Ramsey and he… Did you ever see Kitchen Nightmares, the show? It’s a lot of fun. You ever see that one?


BUCK: Oh, he goes into these places and it’s always the same thing —

CLAY: I watched Bar Rescue.

BUCK: Yeah, it’s like Bar Rescue except restaurant rescue, he’s like; “So, no one’s in charge, your menu has 500 items on it. And basically, you’re a donkey”, you know, he like yells at him he, like, curses at them, and he says all this stuff. Anyway, it’s good fun back in the day. But he made a little video. I think this was just on TikTok. He was gonna be making lamb chops that night and he went to pick… There’s some place you go where you pick out the lamb for your lamb chops. You know how you go to the Red Lobster? Do you do this at Red Lobster? I don’t know. You go to some places they’ll let you pick out your lobster.

CLAY: I think you can pick out your lobster at Red Lobster if you want to.

BUCK: Speaking of Jesse Kelly, he’s a Red Lobster aficionado.

CLAY: I haven’t been in a while.

BUCK: But, yeah, you go pick your lobster. Well, in this place you pick your lamb. This is what it sounded like.

@gordonramsayofficialThe Lamb sauce was still not found in the making of this video…..♬ original sound – Gordon Ramsay

BUCK: Which one’s going into the oven first, Clay? The internet has freaked out over this. People are like, what do you mean, he’s gonna pick a lamb that they’re gonna make the lamb chops with, to which a lot of people are saying, “What did you think the lamb chops were made with?”

CLAY: Yeah. I think there’s a lot of people who don’t understand that in order to eat a steak, there has to be an animal that’s killed. I think you understand it a little bit more in the fish realm, but lambs probably in that video, which I haven’t seen but I was it was going viral, probably look kind of cute.

BUCK: Yeah.

CLAY: You know, like lambs are kind of cute —

BUCK: They do look cute.

CLAY: — little animals, right? And the truth of the matter is, it’s harder for people, I think, to accept that cute animals can be eaten than otherwise. I’ll give you an example in that book you had me read, Endurance, they killed the puppies and the dogs and ate ’em.

BUCK: They were starving to death, to be fair.

CLAY: Understood. Understood but they killed the puppies and dogs and ate ’em. If they made a movie of Endurance, I bet they would leave that part of out of the movie.

BUCK: You can’t ever… A person who is mean to dogs in any movie in anything, the whole audience turns on them. In fact, I saw the making of the movie Snatch and, long story, which I actually really enjoyed. Remember that one back in the day? It was Guy Ritchie’s best movie. Lock Stock was pretty good. Snatch was a little better. And there was a scene where Brick Top, the mean British gangster, and they introduce him.

They want to show that you’re supposed to hate this guy. And he pokes into a dog cage, into a pit bull cage with his stick, and you hear a yelp. And they said when they’re in the making the movie, now the whole audience hates him. That’s all you have to do. And it’s so true.

CLAY: Yeah. And so that, I think, is an example of “lambs are so cute and, like, oh, that’s” — and then he’s gonna eat ’em. So, I’m not surprised that people are angry, only because people are very dumb.

BUCK: Yeah. I wonder if Chef Ramsey’s gonna be sharing his pronouns from now on, you know, he’s gonna do the whole walk back, bend the knee. Like, I’m sorry. Sorry. My pronouns are now. We’ll see what happens.


BUCK: Ted in Oakdale, California, had some thoughts for us. Ted, what’s going on?

CALLER: Hi. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I want to circle back to a different topic that you talked about, and I grew up, my grandfather was a farmer; I worked on a cattle ranch. My father-in-law raised beef cattle, and we used to name and pet and take care of all of those animals. We even had names for them — and we loved those animals right up to the last bite.

BUCK: Oh, man. (groans)

CLAY: Mmm.

BUCK: Oh, Ted. Thanks for calling in, Ted from California.

CLAY: I think if I had a relationship with a cow, I would not enjoy as much eating the cow.

BUCK: I cried so much when I saw the cartoon of Charlotte’s Web after reading the book as a little kid. I was like, “Gotta keep Wilbur safe, man!” But, Clay, I understand this doesn’t make sense because I love bacon. If you told me I only got to keep one meat, pigs might be number one for me right after cows for sure.

CLAY: I love steaks. I can’t imagine ever giving up a steak. Three hundred years from now, though, there probably will be — I can see it happening, Buck — a demand that we tear down all the statues of the meat eaters. How dare they have ever eaten other animals? Like, I can see in 300 years us being judged for this. In the meantime, I’m gonna enjoy my nice juicy steak.

BUCK: I was gonna say, are we gonna get ahead of this and start eating some well-seasoned crickets, Clay, perhaps some cockroaches to get ahead of this problem?

CLAY: I don’t think those are gonna taste very good. That’s my theory. I know that’s what Democrats want.

BUCK: Bill Gates is gonna be very upset with you on that one and everybody else out there eating the steaks. Good to have Clay back in the mix after vacation last week. Clay, you look tanned, ready, and rested, sir, so looks like it’s good.

CLAY: I’m ready for the fall. I’m gonna be on the road for college football, on the road. We’re both gonna be on the road I think next week in Salt Lake City. We’re gonna be out in all of the these battleground states helping to fight for truth, justice, and the American way. It’s gonna be all of the fun.

BUCK: And knowing is half the battle.

CLAY: (laughing) I loved that GI Joe show back in the day.

BUCK: It was great.

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