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Nancy Pelosi Actually Said This, It’s Not an SNL Bit

CLAY: I know there’s basically an understanding that we’re being run by imbeciles. Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan. Buck, you had that. World War III would have-of-could broken out. They could have tried to shoot down her plane like they claimed they were gonna try to do. It appears they’re gonna be okay right now in the short term. Great article on the front page of the Wall Street Journal about why ultimately Taiwan is going to be invaded by China.

That was a Saturday-Sunday edition of the Wall Street Journal. Really fascinating read that kind of analyzes some of the things we talked about on this show, Buck, but China’s population over the next 50 years is predicted to drop basically by half. And while we’re all focused on China — as well we should be — as the preeminent foe of America today, China’s power may well have peaked. Their population’s beginning to decline. The one

-child policy is starting to become incredibly impactful in terms of what their population’s going to look like with Taiwan.

BUCK: And the One-China Policy, both of them are very impactful.

CLAY: And so they may need to invade sooner rather than later if they’re going to be able to do so. And there’s a lot of forecasts out there that it may happen in the next 18 months because Joe Biden is an incredibly weak president, because of the focus that America has given to Ukraine and Russia and also because, frankly, of the impotence we have shown in much of our foreign policy in dealing with people who would do America ill will.

Whether it’s Afghanistan, whether it’s what happened with Iran, and certainly now what’s going on in Europe. But Nancy Pelosi said — and I gotta play this cut for everybody ’cause if you didn’t hear this, it’s one of the dumbest things that I’ve ever seen. I saw this. You were talking about on vacation. We were at a Big Boy restaurant near the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. I was eating with my kids.

BUCK: Wait. It’s actually called Big Boy?

CLAY: Yeah, Bob’s Big Boy. Yeah.

BUCK: Is that Bob’s Big Boy? Or no? Bob’s Big Boy?

CLAY: Big Boy restaurants are very commonplace all over Michigan still. And the Coney Islands are as well. Big Boy, they have the Big Boy sort of sculpture outside. And we’re sitting there, and I play this video, and my 13-year-old sitting next to me said, “Is that, like, a Saturday Night Live skit?” I said, “No, it’s real.” Listen to this.

BUCK: This is dumber than the SNL caricature of Sarah Palin, who never actually said, “I can see Russia from my house,” but Tina Faye pretended she did for the sketch, but everyone thought that. Pelosi actually said this.

CLAY: That’s why my son who was sitting next to me when clicked “play” on this said, “That can’t possibly be real.” No. That was the speaker of the House who just went to Taiwan and almost created a World War III-like situation — kind of did create it — and she says we’ve always had a close connection because when I used to dig on the beach when I was a kid, I was told I’d eventually get to China. This is where we are. These are our leaders.

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