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San Diego Covid Death Data Defies Dr. Fauci’s Claims

CLAY: You know, Buck, we’ve been talking a lot about the unwillingness to tell the truth about the covid shots, and I’m sure we’re gonna talk about this a great deal as things continue in the months ahead, as more and more of the details come out about some of this covid-related insanity. But there is a story up in San Diego… We are number one in San Diego right now. We appreciate all of you out there listening.

This is from KUSI News. This is their headline, and I think it’s gonna come as a surprise to a lot of the sheep out there that have now gotten all of their covid shots: “41% of recent COVID deaths among fully vaccinated and boosted individuals,” 33% of deaths are not fully vaccinated.” That includes people with one or zero shots. This is kind of significant data. Now, to be fair, a large percentage of people did get the initial covid shot. I imagine very high percentage in San Diego.

But 41% — and we were told this would basically not happen — in San Diego County, according to KUSI News data, and, Buck, you and I have talked about the fact that it’s awfully suspicious that this data is not out there nationwide and isn’t being widely distributed: 41% of people dying with covid… I still think it’s worth mentioning, “with covid,” because still people who are dying tend to have multiple comorbidities, multiple health-related issues.

So, 41% of people dying with covid right now in San Diego have gotten both covid shots and also been boostered twice. That’s kind of the record scratch moment that would be awfully difficult for the Dr. Faucis of the world to explain. And remember, San Diego has a huge military population. And there are many people that are still facing being discharged over being in the National Guard or in our military over the covid shot. When you hear those numbers, 67% of deaths in people who got the initial two covid shots, 41% of the deaths in people who not only got both covid shots but both booster shots, that’s a record scratch moment.

BUCK: I mean, how many…? I’m very curious about this. How many monkeypox vaccines are the people who are getting it expected to get? Because I would assume, I would assume that’s sort of like smallpox vaccination or other vaccination, monkeypox vaccination is gonna protect you for years and overwhelmingly, right?

CLAY: Yep.

BUCK: I don’t think anyone is being told they need to get a monkeypox shot every three months, basically, which is now the fallback for a lot of the people is — you notice they use weasel words. They use language that’s always subject to manipulation with this stuff. They’ll say, “Oh, you know, ‘up to date’ on your vaccinations.” What does that mean? Are we expected to be double boosted at this point? And if you are double boosted, how long before you are supposed to be triple boosted?

And at some point in this process, people will realize because it will be obvious from the timeline that you were only, at best, temporarily protected with a pretty low efficacy even in that range of protection, depending on your age and comorbidities from the latest variant of covid which is also different from the virus that they base the vaccines on that you are taking currently. The whole thing is a freaking mess, Clay, is the point, a mess.

CLAY: They won’t share the real data. But this San Diego County data — let me repeat that again — 41% of people dying with covid have gotten four covid shots. Remember, they told you that that would never happen. They told you initially if you get the first two covid shots, you’ll neither get nor spread covid. And then they changed it to, well, if you get the booster, your odds of ever getting really sick are virtually zero. And they said if you get the other booster, fourth shot, you’re gonna be perfectly fine. Wait a minute. San Diego County is saying 41%, according to this report, of people that are dying, 67% got the initial shot, double covid shot, double covid boosted.

BUCK: A year ago, folks, a year ago Fauci here saying, the only people who are dying are the unvaccinated.

FAUCI: We certainly are getting what are called “breakthrough infections,” which means a person who was vaccinated might get infected and actually may even spread the virus. But in general, those people are not the ones who are getting seriously ill and dying. It’s the unvaccinated that are doing that.

BUCK: A year ago it was the unvaccinated who were getting seriously ill and dying. Now it’s half the people getting ill and dying are fully vaccinated.

CLAY: They told us in December of last year, as many of you will remember, that we were in midst of a pandemic of the unvaccinated and if you were unvaccinated, you were gonna be a part of the winter of death. That’s what they said, the White House, officially in their phrasing, “the winter of death.” Sure looks like there’s an awful lot of death from people getting these covid shots, based on that San Diego data. And ask yourself this. Why are we not seeing nationwide data on all of this?

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