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Stelter Admits Hunter’s Laptop Real, NYT Admits Covid School Closings Wrong

CLAY: In addition to spending all that time with my family, which was incredible — and I believe the most underrated part of America, in my experience? Northern Michigan in the summer. It’s the most underrated place in the entire country, most people haven’t been there. I would never have gone if I hadn’t married a girl from Michigan and then become aware of how fabulous it is up there in the summer. I’m not a cold weather guy so I’m not excited to be in Michigan in the winter.

But I gotta tell you, one of the things that I worried about a little bit was I gotta make sure that Hunter Biden doesn’t get arrested while I’m out for this week, because I would have to call in. I’d have to make sure I have a good cell phone signal. I’d have to make sure I have a good phone line. I gotta be aware because that’s when things like these always seem to happen. And I think if it’s gonna happen, a good chance it happens in August. Well, our friend, the… What did he get called by Donald Trump Jr., the humpty…? No.

BUCK: Potato, Potato Head?

CLAY: Mr. Potato Head. Brian Stelter, he actually said on his show over the weekend (summarized), “You know what? There’s something to this Hunter Biden story.” I was stunned when I heard this. Listen.

BUCK: So can I just say: Notice how we — like, the conservative media — never gets credit. They don’t say, “Oh, wow, they were right, it turns out! Kudos to them for being right on the Hunter Biden laptop story,” or, “Oh, wow, they were ahead of the curve on knowing that Hunter Biden was in criminal jeopardy in some realistic sense.”

CLAY: Oh, yeah.

BUCK: It’s always, “Oh, I guess they’re not total liars over there and a bunch of jerks. They actually got it right.” They never give any credit. And we’re right on this stuff all the time.

CLAY: That person who was answering him was Michael LaRosa. That is the former Jill Biden press secretary. Jill Biden had a press secretary? I hope he wasn’t involved in the —

BUCK: Excuse me, Clay!

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: Excuse me. Dr. Jill Biden. Doctor.

CLAY: Do you think if you’re in the White House that the spokesperson for the first ladies is the most looked-down-to person in the entire White House? Like, I get it, right? Like, the first lady probably has to have a spokesperson. But if you’re in the communications team in the White House, isn’t that like…? I’m trying to think of —

BUCK: It’s like when you’re a kid playing baseball, ’cause I did play baseball as a kid. It’s like the right fielder.

CLAY: It’s the right fielder.

BUCK: The right fielder’s always the kid that brings the pet salamander to baseball practice and is, you know, playing with the daisies, and so if you’re a lefty? Oh, man. You can crush it.

CLAY: If you’re in the communications team, they have to all look down on the White House first lady spokesperson. Like, that is the job you get if they… The right field is the perfect sports analogy for you. You put the kid in right field, especially Little League, less likely to get the ball hit to him. He’s playing with daisies. He’s looking for four-leaf clovers. I’ve coached a lot of those kids in Little League in my day. (laughing) We have had a lot of those guys that you put out in the outfielder, and you just pray the ball gets hit nowhere near him — and some of you listening right now might have been that kid or had that kid yourself.

BUCK: You know, Stelter is part of a whole movement over at CNN toward… People say, “Oh, they’re moving back toward the center,” or, “They’re moving back toward more of a journalistic enterprise.” The reality is that they’re moving back toward or they’re moving in the direction of what conservative media has been saying now all along, especially about everything with Biden.

All the stuff. When they say he’s too old for the job, but he does look like he’s not really with it, that’s what we’ve been saying for two years. When they say the Hunter Biden laptop was real, two years of that. When they say that Hunter… You go down the list, and they don’t want it to seem this way to their audience, but them tacking toward reality is them moving toward us.

CLAY: Amen, and I’m glad you brought this up because I flagged this over the weekend. I was reading the New York Times, Saturday editorial page, and I was on my airplane flight back from Michigan to Nashville, and I almost dropped… I was drinking a water; I almost dropped it when I read this. I’ve never seen anyone admit this. It was buried in one of their editorial page articles. I’m reading directly from the New York Times, Buck. “First, schools should be open.”

This about covid. “They should never have closed and should never close again. That was a mistake we will pay for over decades.” Again, guest editorial buried down in an article about kids going back to school as it’s kids going back to school season. Buck, prediction: First of all, you and I nailed this on schools. Remember even last year when I was talking about not wearing masks and every school had to be open, it was like, “Oh, you’re still trying to kill grandma,” even in 2021.

A decade from now, by 2032, almost no one in America will acknowledge that they ever wanted schools to be closed or advocated for it. And the way they’re gonna do this is they’re gonna start burying paragraphs like these in editorials that they publish. It’s not even the head, not even the headline, just buried in there, and the New York Times will say, “Yeah, we were saying for a long time that we never thought schools should have closed.”

BUCK: In enough time what happens is when people like you and me call out big-name New York Times writers, they’ll go, “That’s not true. If you go to, you know, page 7, subparagraph 3(c) we had somebody who admitted in our pages…” This is what they’ll do. What they should do is lead with a big headline: “Democrats wrong about 90% of — 95% of — covid policy.

“Really sorry, America! Sorry we ruined your business. Sorry we stole years of your life. Sorry we made your kids lose thinker educational trajectory in a way they may never get back and all the other things we can say. And you know what I think is really pushing this right now too, Clay. We haven’t talked about this much on the show. Maybe we’ll talk about it more tomorrow. They would shut down your church, and this would have cops arrest you on planes.

CLAY: I’m so fired up about it.

BUCK: But if you think that people should be advised — not even government action, advised — by the government to limit orgies in this moment, that is bigoted and that is insensitive and better that the monkeypox goes among the population that it’s currently moving through instead of the truth be told, according to the left.

CLAY: They said, “Abstinence could never work. We can’t tell gay dudes to stop having orgies with each other,” but they shut down the entire country over covid.

BUCK: Monkeypox has a 5% fatality rate, by the way. You really don’t want to get monkeypox. It’s actually… It’s a really nasty disease. And yet they’re making all these excuses for why they won’t actually hone in on what’s gonna stop it.

CLAY: I’ve managed to avoid being involved in a gay orgy my entire life. I have a 100% record on that! I imagine most of our audience has as well. It doesn’t seem like that difficult of a thing to avoid, especially if you could get a virus that kills you. Seems like a pretty good public health announcement maybe to make.


BUCK: Just to be clear — I don’t want to get fact checked on this by Media Matters — there are two types of monkeypox. There is what they call the Congo Basin variety, which has an estimated 3% to 10% mortality rate. So 5% is kind of the midway point of the estimate. This current monkeypox outbreak in this country is estimated to be more like a 1% fatality rate, which is still considerably higher than covid, which, as we know, is substantially less than — in fact, it’s far, far less than — 1%. But I just want to make sure I get all the numbers right always because people throw flags on me if I get anything wrong, and that makes me sad.

CLAY: It’s also virtually impossible — let’s be honest — to stop yourself from getting covid, if we’ve learned anything at all over the past couple of years. You can do everything in your power to keep yourself from getting it and still get it. Avoiding a gay orgy seems like a relatively easy line to draw in terms of risk factors.

BUCK: One thing that I do wonder about is, we had this massive tracing bureaucracy which was moronic for covid.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: I would get a call two weeks after I’d returned to New York State from some automated system like, “Just checking to see if you have covid.” I mean, it was so stupid. Like, they’re gonna find…?

CLAY: We didn’t have that in the red states. That didn’t happen.

BUCK: But the basis for this was, “Oh, it has been successful. Tracing as a means of disease control has been successful for other diseases,” and anybody who actually knows the history of modern medicine will tell you particularly effective in any disease that is sexually transmitted.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: Because it tends to be pretty easy to say, “Hey, who have you had sexual contact with in the last two weeks,” as opposed to, “Who is every human being you’ve been in breathing distance of for the last two weeks?” But, you know, as we know we see the public health bureaucracy overrun… Heather Mac Donald’s gonna be joining us later in the week to talk about what’s going on in the health world overall in terms of medical schools and doctors, the medical profession. Mind-blowing stuff. The wokeness has fully infiltrated. We’ll talk about that.

CLAY: Yeah, it’s scary, actually.

BUCK: Yeah, ‘cause everyone agrees on this. You want the best heart surgeon when you’re having heart surgery you can have, period. You don’t care what their pronouns are. You don’t care what they look like.

CLAY: Zero other concerns.

BUCK: The absolute best.

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