The Wise Money Guys

The Wise Money Guys

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Truly Independent Risk-Adverse Money Management

Investing at the Speed of Data & Information

From statistics to charts, numbers, graphics, and even AI, information comes at us quickly. Hosts John and Giuseppe help you navigate the crush of data to thrive in retirement. Let's talk more about it now. Plus, Canada's coming storm, the Trump tax cuts expiring, and the possibility of a new recession. The Wise Money Guys. 

Structured Investments For A Balanced Portfolio

Both Bonds and Stocks give us the best opportunity for a solid investment footing. This week hosts John and Giuseppe share how debt security and a growth asset together makes a healthy account. Plus, The Fed's influence on the economy, the A.I. Revolution, and the latest on our upcoming Workshop. The Wise Money Guys. 

Tame Roller Coaster Risk to Retirement w/ our Proper Planning

Planning. Planning, planning. We emphasize the importance of planning for your retirement. Hosts John and Guiseppe tell us what we can plan for in the 2nd half of 2024. Plus, a fixed-income update, the stock market run-up, and details about our workshop! Join us May 29th for our Retirement Workshop at the Spagetti Factory in Roseville. Yum. Learn more at Wise Money Guys dot com.

Spending. Consumption. Taxes. Rates; The Wise Money Guys Debate

Half way through Q2, and we ask, "Are new fed policies being revealed with this fiscal future?" Hosts John and Guiseppe discect that, the Fed Committee's rate inaction, and the Inflation that Gov. $pending is causing. Plus, the Biden Tax Plan and Canada's housing tilllltt. Join us May 29th for our Retirement Workshop. Learn more at Wise Money Guys dot com.

Defensive Portfolios to Fortify Your Retirement

It's the reason we are different. Host John and Giuseppe say diversification is the name of the game, with active investment managment to minimize your risk. Plus, new Federal financial numbers have been released, and the gift of high rates. The Wise Money Guys. 

2% vs 5% vs 9% Risk. What Is Your Tolerance?

Volitility is one way to make money in the market but with volitility comes risk. Hosts John and Giuseppe talk about risk today and the difference in Active Management vs Day Trading. Plus the benefits of the One Source Wealth Management fee structure and an update on the Energy sector. The Wise Money Guys. 

With Financial Negativity Comes Investment Opportunity

The government is doing it's best to make it hard for investors and retirees to grow our wealth. But, hosts John and Guiseppe say there are still great chances to buy the dip and thrive. Plus more on the Inflation numbers, and Energy Strategies. The Wise Money Guys 

Data Dependent; Stock Market Resilient

The headlines keep rolling out. that show Washington's debt and spending is affecting the market. Hosts John and Visceppe bring you the latest news. Plus continuing great rates, buying the dip, and our free structure. The Wise Money Guys. 

Don't Fight The Fed - Align Your Investments For the Market

It's best to Plan and use Experienced foresight to guide your investments in retirement. Hosts John and Guiseppe take us through how to do this with Active Investing. Plus, an analysis of Crypto and a Golden Nugget. The Wise Money guys.